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Wagner Solar and INO SOLAR accomplish installation of 25 x 1 MWp PV project in Islahiye/Turkey


Wagner Solar Enters a New Market

Shower Drain ECOshower - approx. 54 % energy savings

November 3rd, 2015

Heat recovery from shower water - a very efficient way of sustainable energy technology ECOshower Shower Drain


Wagner Solar continues business activities after insolvency

September, 2014

September 6, 2014, the business operations of Wagner & Co Solar Technology GmbH were transferred to Wagner Solar GmbH. Wagner Solar GmbH is a subsidiary of Sanderink Holding under the leadership of the Dutch entrepreneur Gerard Sanderink.


“Greenpower” Poznan and “Energy Europe” Copenhagen: Wagner & Co Taps New Markets in Poland and Denmark

The Wagner & Co and partners booth at the Poznan Greenpower

July 2, 2013

(Cölbe, Germany / Poznan, Poland) In June 2013 Wagner & Co participated in the Greenpower renewable energy fair, a major regional renewable energy exhibition with international aspirations in Poznań (Posen), Western Poland. It took place from June 14th to 16th, 2013, and earlier we also exhibited at the Copenhagen Energy Europe in Denmark from May 23rd to 25th (we reported). On both events Wagner & Co focused on showcasing TRIC mounting systems and the award winning SUNtwin combined solar heat and power systems.


Wagner & Co at the Energy Europe in Copenhagen: Moderate Optimism in a Mature Market

Wagner booth at the Energy Europe fair in Copenhagen

June 20, 2013

Together with three main partner companies Wagner & Co Solar Technology exhibited at the newly established "Energy Europe" trade fair in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 2013. Denmark is a mature renewable energies market with a favorable political framework - the country is one of the first industrialized nations aiming at 100% renewable energy supply.


Keeping up With Growth: Wagner Solar Boston With New Warehouse and Distribution Facilities and Services

Meticulous quality control at Wagner Solar factory in Germany

Boston, June 5, 2013

With great pleasure we can announce that we are growing at a relatively steady rate and have gained market leadership in the state of MA with roughly 37% market share due to our low-installation cost system, SECUSOL. In April we observed our single best month since opening our doors in the US which has prompted lead-times for some of our more popular products.


Wagner & Co Solartechnik Receives LG Solar Marketing Award

Award ceremony for the LG Marketing Award in February 2013; from left: Michael Harre (Vice President EU Solar Business Group at LG Solar), Gerhard Elmshäuser (Manager in charge of PV resource management at Wagner & Co), C.S. Chung (Vice President Solar Marketing Division at LG Solar)

March 15, 2013

LG Solar, a large Korean manufacturer of solar panels with more than 20 years of experience, honored Wagner & Co Solartechnik GmbH with its Marketing Award 2012 for the innovating product idea SUNtwin. SUNtwin collects solar energy and solar heat on a single roof. The award ceremony took place in February this year.


Wagner Solar Inc. Pioneers First Solar Thermal Appliance to U.S. Marketplace — SECUSOL

Just in time for NESEA Building Energy ’13 Exhibition!


Wagner & Co Supports Humanitarian Organizations in Togo

The education center in Sokodé / Togo. The backup system will be installed on the roof of the building.

For the Christmas season 2012 Wagner & Co Solar Technology once again supports a number of social projects. Foregoing expensive christmas gifts in exchange for a good cause already had been favorably received by customers and business partners alike in the previous year. Thanks to the sun, this year power and water heating solutions are on their way to the West-African country of Togo.


Sustainable Technology Transfer – Solar Power for Tanzania

Installation of the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the Mwasama Pre and Primary School in Bagamoyo / Tanzania.

October 30, 2012

This September 2012 volunteers deployed state of the art solar power installations to a school in Bagamoyo and a hospital in Lutindi. Wagner & Co and numerous other supporters made this transfer of sustainable technology to Tanzania possible.


Stable power supply for school and clinic in Tanzania

Mungu ibariki Africa (God Bless Africa - the Tanzanian national anthem)

Coelbe, 18. September 2012

A group of high school students from Westphalia/Germany has made it their task to connect their partner school in Bagamoyo / Tanzania to reliable solar power supply. For the implementation of the project this September 2012, the students won over a number of active supporters, including Wagner & Co Solar Technology. The people at Lutindi Mental Hospital in Tanzania heard about the project and also asked for help, which was responded to. Thus over the following weeks in September 2012 the team of craftsmen and engineers will embark on installing two solar power installations instead of one.


Wagner & Co donates solar installations to orphanage in Tanzania

The orphanage in Ilula offers girls a safe home and education.

05. September 2012

At the end of last year, Wagner & Co Solar Technology decided to forgo larger Christmas gifts for its customers and to support a sustainable aid project in Africa instead. Customers and business partners alike met the idea with positive response. The company decided to support an orphanage in Ilula / Tanzania. Wagner & Co donated a solar power plant and a solar hot water system to enable a reliable energy supply. The project was implemented in spring 2012.


Wagner & Co and Bin Moosa & Daly: A New Partnership in the United Arab Emirates Is Spreading its Wings


The word goes that change is the only constant in life, and so times are also changing in the United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s leading oil producers. The Emirates are blessed with riches, especially with energy, partly from below, but much more even from above. For a Desert country drenched in sunlight solar energy always is a logical choice, which also sinks into more and more potential customers within the UAE.


Positive Impulses at Solar Exhibits: From Istanbul to Denmark

Solarex Istanbul 2012

Cölbe/Istanbul/Odense in May 2012

Attending and exhibiting at regional and supra-regional trade fairs is mandatory for the exploration and opening of new markets in any industry sector. This spring the German solar pioneer Wagner & Co together with partner company Lemsolar presented their solar thermal and solar power products at Turkey’s largest solar industry exhibition. The SOLAREX 2012, which many consider a solar gateway to the Middle East, took place from April 11 to 14, and it occupied 2 large Halls with approximately 200 participating companies, mostly from Turkey, but increasingly also from other countries, many of them from Germany or Austria, among them world leading brands including Bosch, Fronius and SMA.


Wagner Solar Inc. appoints new US Sales Manager

Frank Proske, Wagner Solar Sales Manager in the Mid-Atlantic states

Boston, May 21, 2012

Wagner Solar Inc., the US branch of German solar power and solar heating supplier, system integrator and manufacturer Wagner & Co Solar Technology; appoints Frank Proske as Regional Sales Manager in the Mid-Atlantic states. Proske will be responsible for sales, product support and the development of national key accounts.