“Greenpower” Poznan and “Energy Europe” Copenhagen: Wagner & Co Taps New Markets in Poland and Denmark

(Cölbe, Germany / Poznan, Poland) In June 2013 Wagner & Co participated in the Greenpower renewable energy fair, a major regional renewable energy exhibition with international aspirations in Poznań (Posen), Western Poland. It took place from June 14th to 16th, 2013, and earlier we also exhibited at the Copenhagen Energy Europe in Denmark from May 23rd to 25th (we reported). On both events Wagner & Co focused on showcasing TRIC mounting systems and the award winning SUNtwin combined solar heat and power systems.

The Wagner & Co and partners booth at the Poznan Greenpower

The Wagner & Co and partners booth at the Poznan Greenpower

July 2, 2013

Greenpower in Poznan is an exhibition specialized on renewable energy as well as building equipment and appliances. „It was pretty well attended, and most visitors came from all regions of Poland,” remembers Hardy Braun, international sales manager at Wagner & Co.  The event is aimed at professionals in the field.

As a month earlier in Copenhagen, Denmark, Wagner & Co presented together with three major customers, namely the companies Uni.Prof from Starograd Gdanski, DLM Tech from Wroclas and Dom Natura from the town of Zabia Wola, near Warsaw. We took the opportunity to strengthen the contacts with our partners, and they had the chance to exhibit together with us and introduce Wagner to their potential customers. We also were glad that the representatives of our partner companies were present to assist in the communication with visitors. Not all visitors were able to communicate in German or English, so the technical and local language skills of our partners were much sought after!

The Wagner & Co presentation mainly focused on our universal TRIC range of solar mounting systems together with the award winning SUNtwin packages. SUNtwin is a unique and well-balanced combination of solar heat and solar power that optimizes the total energy yield and return on investment for a given roof surface. Our customers had invited interested parties from their regions and enthusiastically joined in to present the products at our booth along with us.

In particular the TRIC mounting systems were well received and generated considerable interest. SUNtwin turned out to be a good „hook“ to get into conversations with visitors walking in, in particular with its elegant new all black LG PV modules and equally black EURO L20 high yield solar collectors.

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Hardy Braun summarizes his impressions: „We mainly aimed at getting into touch with potential new customers from regions we are not covering yet or where we want to intensify our activities, especially Lodz and Poznan. We are a one-stop systems provider, and Poland is developing into a really promising market for renewable energy solutions. One reason are the exceptionally high state subsidies of 45% for solar thermal systems, another is the long anticipated upcoming feed in tariff law.“

Wagner & Co’s Polish partners receive sales support in many forms, such as brochures and documentation about SUNtwin, thermal collectors and TRIC mounting systems in Polish language, video presentations, free images and display items for exhibits. In addition they are offered technical trainings and engineering advice. „We have easy to install standardized package solutions for most requirements. Our goal is to make life as easy as possible for our partners“ Braun emphasized.


Author: Stefan Thiesen

Poznan Greenpower

Poznan Greenpower