Solar Training in Turkey goes Regular

28. März 2012

Solar training in Turkey

Cölbe/Izmir, March 2012. The future for solar energy in Turkey looks bright, and recently the Turkish Wagner & Co partner company Lemsolar organized its second professional solar training in Izmir. Twenty-five participants were introduced to solar thermal and solar power solutions from March 2 to March 4, 2012. Veli Mersin of Lemsolar and Wagner & Co engineer Hardy Braun held the seminars.

Veli Mersin opened the event with an introduction of Wagner & Co Solar Technology and its products for the Turkish market. He emphasized the long experience in the solar energy sector and several decades of cooperation between both companies. While being treated to snacks and refreshments, the good humored audience followed presentations that, among others, introduced them to the multi award winning C20 and the new L42 solar thermal collectors as well as the different technological features of photovoltaic panels from Sanyo, Schott and LG. In addition to the collectors and PV panels, many other products were available for closer examination. The participants laid their hands on an SMA inverter, roof brackets, panel clamps, solar piping and controllers and many more solar thermal and solar electric products and components.

On the second day of the training, Hardy Braun offered an in-depth presentation of the Wagner & Co company structure, history and company philosophy. „After the general company presentation I expanded on the two company product areas Solar Heating and Photovoltaic“ he reports. „Later I continued with an in-depth lecture about the TRIC mounting systems and solar racks that we develop and manufacture, mainly focusing on the importance of professional structural planning.“

After the lunch break, Veli Mersin led another session, this time introducing the technology and potentials of off grid photovoltaic systems. „It was important for us that we did not only lecture“ says Hard Braun, „which is why concrete system examples and system sizing were calculated together with the participants.“

After the training sessions all the participants were satisfied with the event and joined for a mutual dinner where lively conversation about the future options of solar energy in Turkey ensued. Everyone was positive about the future solar potentials in the country.

Author: Stefan Thiesen