Wagner & Co Supports Humanitarian Organizations in Togo

For the Christmas season 2012 Wagner & Co Solar Technology once again supports a number of social projects. Foregoing expensive christmas gifts in exchange for a good cause already had been favorably received by customers and business partners alike in the previous year. Thanks to the sun, this year power and water heating solutions are on their way to the West-African country of Togo.

The education center in Sokodé / Togo. The backup system will be installed on the roof of the building.

The education center in Sokodé / Togo. The backup system will be installed on the roof of the building.

14. Dezember 2012

Not just for Christmas…
Not only at Christmas time, but all year long Wagner & Co Solar assist selected social and sustainability projects. The support is not only in kind, but often also involves the transfer of know-how and the free on-site supply of expert of manpower. Earlier this year, several of such projects were completed again. In Tanzania, for example, solar power systems for an orphanage in Ilula and a school in Bagamoyo were installed as well as a large solar power system for a hospital in Lutindi. More information Sustainable Technology Transfer for Tanzania

Energy with the power of the sun
This year, Wagner & Co assists the Urbis Foundation, a Foundation for Environment and International Solidarity, with free design and installation of several solar energy systems. Three hospitals in Togo will receive reliable SECUterm hot water systems. Another solar water heating system for a hospital in the North of Togo already is in succesful operation since 2011. Unthinkable in industrialized countries, the water previously still had to be heated there on open fire. 

The education center in Sokodé in Togo. The computers have internet access.

Another project is the installation of a solar-assisted backup system for a youth training center in Sokodé, in Togo. In the near future the backup system will secure a stable power supply to the the education center with library and Internet access. At present the frequent power failures regularly cause damage to the computers. Thanks to the solar backup system, it soon will be possible to bridge the brownouts. Should a power outage occurr, the backup system jumps in and then turns off again automatically as soon as the mains power is restored. 
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A livable world for all …
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Author: Karin Weckesser, Translation: Stefan Thiesen