Wagner Solar Enters a New Market

Heat recovery from shower water - a very efficient way of sustainable energy technology ECOshower Shower Drain

Shower Drain ECOshower - approx. 54 % energy savings

Shower Drain ECOshower - approx. 54 % energy savings

November 3rd, 2015

Wagner Solar enters the energy technology field with its new product heat recover product line. Heat recovery aims at minimizing primary energy demand.

Most of the domestic hot water consumption in our homes is used for body care. However, we only utilize 20 to 25% of the heat generated for showering. The bulk of the heat is lost with the wastewater.

This is where the modern and sustainable showering comfort systems ECOshower pitch in. The line’s shower pipe for example allows saving about 63% of heat energy while showering. Wagner Solar currently offers three different shower systems with heat exchangers: ECOshower shower systems with heat recovery